Some Things You Need to Know About Summer Camps


You should know that every traditional summer camp has its own strategy or method of creating programs that are based on the camp philosophy. You must find out if this actually complements with your parenting philosophy. Find out if the activities in summer day camp or an overnight summer camp are with the interest of your child. So many traditional summer camps are promoting competition and also healthy rivalry among the camp teams as shown in the team sports.

For a lot of the campers, such is really pure fun. There are some parents out there who would feel that learning to be competitive at a much early age would teach important survival skills. But, the other parents and also educators are in favor of such cooperative learning. According to research, noncompetitive methods would encourage the young individual to learn more and also retain this longer and develop a better self-esteem and also appreciation for others. Getting to know your child's personality and style of learning is really important in choosing the right traditional summer camp.

For the camp director's background, the ACA has minimum standards and such would recommend that the directors have such bachelor's degree and must have completed that in-service training in the past three years and must also have at least 16 weeks of camp administrative experience prior to assuming the director's responsibilities.

The camp staff must be trained about the safety regulations, the emergency procedures, the behavior management techniques, communication, appropriate staff as well as proper behavior of the camper and child abuse prevention as well as other procedures for supervision. Usually, the traditional summer camp counselors are actually college students who are working toward degrees in different sports-related as well as human services areas. For more facts and information regarding summer camps, you can go to .

The American Camp Association recommend that 80% or more of the program staff or the counseling staff are at least 18 years old. The staff should be at least sixteen years old and should be at least two years older than the campers whom they are working with.

The number as well as the kinds of programs that a certain traditional summer camp would provide may also impact the ages of the counselors. The academic camps and also other specialty camps may need the camp counselors to have a certain level of education or number of experience, training or years in service, view website here!